CleanDiapers are:

  • Supported with a warranty and personal service
  • Sturdy with long-lasting value
  • Safe for your baby, tested & proven
  • Sustainable for your community and for the earth


  • Did you make the mistake of buying cloth diapers from a co-op only to realize that the quality wasn’t what you expected, you had no warranty, and no one wanted to refund your money?
  • How do you know if your cloth diapers are safe for your baby if they don’t comply with safety regulations?
  • Were you alarmed when a co-op administrator coached you and other co-op participants how to act when the police show up at the door because you bought black market diapers?

You don’t want unsafe, illegal diapers.

Why put your family at risk?

Supported, safe, legal diapers do matter to you and to your baby. You have resources in your own community to get around these issues. Shop at your local cloth diaper store in person or online or contact the local diaper delivery service to meet the people with the experience to help you buy cloth diapers that will work for you and your family.

Learn more about safe, legal diapers.


  • What do you do when a family comes into your store to ask you how to deal with diapers that are falling apart, but you can see that they are knock-off brands violating patents of brands you carry in your store?
  • When a family comes into your store to ask for help washing diapers that they bought from an illegal co-op, what do you say?
  • Have customers asked you why cloth diapers sold in your store cost more than cloth diapers they can buy from black market importers?

Help your customers see the genuine, positive consequences of their choice to buy clean diapers. Show them what a difference it makes in their lives to buy local.

Share your experience with store owners who are educating customers about similiar issues with illegal, unsafe, and dysfunctional diapers.

Join Real Diaper Industry Association for the support and resources you need to build a successful business that becomes a hub for parents in your community.